Our Very Own Chris Bonington!

Our Very Own Chris Bonington!

Last month our brave surveyor, Kish, summited Mount Kilimanjaro to raise money for charities that support; Care Compassion Understanding, Clear Water Saves Lives & Old Age Pensioners.

Here’s his amazing story…

“This was a tough expedition to say the least, but I made it to the top to Uhuru Point. ?

It was gruesome, dangerous, and daunting to the say the least, however I was mainly in the front line behind the leader. My hard training and efforts from Jan this year kept me out of trouble apart from headaches and appetite loss due to air pressure. I survived mainly on fruit and energy tablets for the last 3 days.

We had lots of support on the climb including an ex- military commando who had made the summit 232 times, Abi who has conquered other mountains and other stuff around the world. We also had 2 doctors to care for us. They all said my fitness level is beyond expectations for a 62 year old. They were impressed, and that gave me even more confidence to just go to the top and that’s what I focused on.

Thankfully, I didn’t suffer altitude sickness as I started deep breathing exercises at the start gate and onwards throughout.  Every day was challenging, but worst was scary Baranco Wall – a vertical 600 feet high and summit.

The porters were brilliant.

Unfortunately, there were some not as fortunate as I, that included:

  1. a)  A member of another group, not in our group unfortunately died, reasons not known but we think it was altitude sickness.
  2. b)  A member of our group was taken back down the mountain before reaching second camp with a twisted ankle and swollen leg.
  3. c)  Another trekker suffered altitude sickness before reaching Stella point and was taken back down the mountain.

We celebrated with Gala night, I was one of the trekker awarded with the highest respect from the Commando and Doctors with leaders.

My wife had tears in her eyes when she saw me, we returned in Hindhu temple in Crawley to thank our Hindu gods on our safe return.

What an expedition!!!!”

Well done from all of us here in the office, Kish!

If you’d like to donate to this amazing cause, click here!