Clumsy Puppy + Canoe = Potential Disaster!

Clumsy Puppy + Canoe = Potential Disaster!

Hey, Dash here!

I had a great bank holiday weekend – well, it would have been better if my clumsy little brother hadn’t almost drowned!

We went canoeing with Dad and, as I am as an experienced and skilled canoeist, I climbed up on the seat to look out across the river. This was all great until Pickles tried to copy me…and fell in! Dad had to be the hero and jump in after him, but it was scary as Pickles isn’t a good swimmer and he’s only little!

Pickles on the beach, Pickles & I in the canoe

It’s nice to be back at the office, warm and dry – and to have Pickles safe and sound with us. I hope you all had a lovely weekend too and stayed out of any muddy rivers!