Your Questions About Valuations Answered

Your Questions About Valuations Answered

Your Valuation Questions Answered

We’ve put together a list of some of the questions about valuations that we get asked the most here at White Horse Surveyors:

Is a mortgage valuation a survey?

No – a mortgage valuation is completed by the bank and only provides a value of the house for mortgage purposes. They do not carry out a thorough inspection, therefore the value they provide may not be entirely accurate as there may be hidden defects in the property. You may not even get to see the mortgage valuation.

Are your surveyors RICS registered?

Yes, we only employ RICS chartered surveyors.

I have read that I need comparables – do you supply these?

Yes – it is a RICS requirement.

Do you cover the standard criteria for Help to Buy or Shared Equity?

Yes we do.

Read our blog posts about getting Help to Buy or Shared Equity valuations for more information.

Are your surveyors local?

Yes – our surveyors work from their home post codes across England and Wales, and are local to you. Find your closest surveyor on our Find a Surveyor map.

For more information about valuations or to book your own valuation, contact us on 01249 569010.