The Benefits of Buying a New Build Home

The Benefits of Buying a New Build Home

Buying a new build home is a popular option these days – a brand new home that no one has lived in before you is certainly tempting!

The Benefits of a New Build Home

You’ll be the first to live there!
No having to scrape off weird wallpaper or trying to get rid of strange smells or stains left by the previous owners. This also means no sky-high redecorating costs!

You shouldn’t have to spend a fortune on repairs
For the first few years, as everything is brand new, general wear and tear should be minimal.

Your new property should come with a guarantee
This guarantee usually lasts for 10 years, and other companies can provide warranties and insurance specifically for new builds.

New build homes usually have lower running costs
Your bills should be lower if the property is built to the correct standard.

You might be able to have a say when it’s being finished
Developers will often ask the buyers to choose fixtures and fittings for their new home if these aren’t already in place – a chance for you to personalise your home from the start!

Do I still need to get a survey?

Yes, getting a survey from an independent surveyor is always recommended, as you are spending such a large amount of money – check out the biggest reasons to get a survey here.

With a new build, a survey can be particularly useful, as it can highlight any defects that can be fixed by the developer under the 10 year warranty.

You could also get a survey shortly before the warranty runs out – this way, you can get any defects fixed before that responsibility falls down to you.

If you would like to book in a survey for a new build home, please get in touch on 01249 569010.