Referral Partnerships at White Horse Surveyors

Referral Partnerships at White Horse Surveyors

We are open to partnerships with many different types of companies within the property industry, who want to improve the service that they offer their customers. Getting a property survey is an important part of the home buying process – hiring a surveyor can save home buyers a lot of money in the future, as well as giving them peace of mind when making one of the biggest purchases of their life. Find out more about why getting a survey is important here.

We have a growing team of surveyors across the UK, so we’re local to you. Although we’re proud to be the UK’s largest independent, residential surveying company, we’re always looking to partner with new firms. We strongly believe that mutually beneficial relationships with other companies can help both businesses provide consistently high-quality services for our customers.

Who we partner with

Mortgage/Financial Advisors and Solicitors

Instructing a survey is an integral part of providing clients with a top-quality service that fully protects the investment being made. Many within the industry believe that mortgage advisors have a duty of care, when providing finance for a property, to ensure that the client is protected from any risk.

By informing their clients of the importance of getting a survey, mortgage advisors can help them to avoid the disaster of hidden structural defects in their new property. A professional partnership with us will ensure that they are in safe hands.

Estate Agents

We have built up a great network of partnerships with Estate Agents across the UK. As respected and trusted RICS surveyors, they can be sure that they are recommending the very best surveyors to their clients.

Our surveyors carry out their surveys to a very high standard, which reflects back onto the wonderful Estate Agents that recommended us to begin with.

Commercial Surveyors

We are expert residential surveyors…but there are still times when we require a bit of help to look after client requirements!

We have various opportunities for RICS surveyors to undertake commercial surveys for us.

Housing Associations

We work with a number of housing associations, providing specialist valuations for Shared Ownership and Help to Buy properties. Valuations are necessary for all shared ownership properties, and can be used to gauge rental amounts and staircasing values.

Comparison Sites

The comparison sites that we are currently subscribed to provide us with many of our leads. It is also, of course, in the interests of these sites to provide their visitors with the best choices possible!

If you are interested in setting up a referral partnership, get in touch with us on 01249 569082.