November’s ‘Kudos’ Winner!

November’s ‘Kudos’ Winner!

Each month here in the office, we host a competition in which we can vote for a colleague who we feel has reflected the company’s values and really gone above and beyond their role.

November’s winner was the wonderful Janice, well done Janice!

Here is some of the lovely comments that Janice’s colleagues had to say about her…

“Janice is a constant reminder to everyone that any job is achievable. She always makes other people a priority and is the classic example of a team player enabling projects to go ahead on time and hassle free!! Great work”

“Janice has been incredible helping us move downstairs into our new room. You are like superwoman; extremely efficient, helpful and extremely strong!! Thank you for enabling us to move sooner than planned and with no problems along the way.”

“Janice is everywhere! She has always been extremely helpful, but lately she is wearing many hats and helps all of us out with top quality work…and all that with an everlasting smile on her face. How could anyone not work well with her.”