Nijmegen is not any walk…

Nijmegen is not any walk…

Nijmegen walk is not any walk, it’s a fantastic walk!

40kms a day for 4 days… 160kms in total, or a 100 miles.Medal
We are very proud to announce that Kishor, one of our surveyors did it!
From 16th to 21st July in Nijmegen in the Netherlands.
Please join us to congratulate him as it is a very impressive event to have taken part into. Well done! Bravo!

A bit of history…

The Nijmegen walk is the largest walking event in the world, with an astounding 47,000 participants.
As any happy event, you can sing, dance, laugh and cheer whilst you walk.
It first started as a military event, over a 100 years ago. It goes in and around the city through beautiful landscapes, villages and towns.

What is it all about?

The ultimate Team spirit event you can achieve as the walkers start and finish together and many people come to cheer along the way…
People from all around the world are welcome to participate.

Kishor’s experience

It is not for the faint-hearted but if you have taken part in a marathon before, this mammoth achievement is for you! Kishor was in category 40 km a day for 4 days, tough going… He was well prepared as he climbed Kilimanjaro last September. He was at the front, made it with headaches right to the top. There was no charity involved this time as this event is mainly targeted at promoting team spirit and outdoor activity. Last year, Kishor raised a total of £25k for water aid and other charities.This Nijmegen walk was mainly flat for about 25 miles a day.

Kishor talked to us about this whole experience and said ; ” This has been another challenge that wont be forgotten, at my age sometimes I wonder where the power and strength comes from. We use mind control to do this and hard training. I encourage all to do this as your health improves drastically. I was tired, fatigued, stressed and after two days I recovered. Cant wait for the next challenge.

Watch this space!

Next year, Kishor will attempt Machu Pichu in Peru, how exciting is this?
If you feel like an adventurer yourself, the registration for the Nijmegen marches was £270 this year.
Please visit this website.