Dash’s Top Tips! Why Is It Important To Have A Survey?

Dash’s Top Tips! Why Is It Important To Have A Survey?

Hey Guys, Dash here!

I hope you’re all looking forward to the weekend!

If you’re moving house soon, you may be planning to do some research on surveys over the weekend – well, I’m here to help make the process slightly less time consuming!

Having a survey before buying a property is very important – buying a property is probably one of the most expensive things you will ever do, so you need to know what you’re letting yourself in for when choosing your home.

Here’s my top reasons why a survey is so important, no matter what type of property you’re buying;

Buyers who don’t have a survey face, on average, £5,750 in repair costs – that’s a lot more than it costs to get a survey!

Surveys highlight any defects that may not be immediately obvious when viewing a property. Hidden defects, including structural damage, wet or dry rot, damp and problems with the roof, can get progressively worse after you move in, and will be an expensive problem to fix in the future!

You can use a survey as a renegotiation tool!

If the survey highlights any costly defects, you can present the report to the sellers and use it as a renegotiation tool. If you have a Building Survey, you can pay an additional fee for ‘Cost of Repairs’. This means that if there are any major defects, the surveyor will tell you how much this is going to cost to remedy, which also makes for a great renegotiation tool! Find out more about our Building Surveys here.

As I mentioned earlier, buying a property will probably be the most expensive purchase you ever make!

Choosing a property to buy is one of the most important decisions you can make – you wouldn’t want to invest such a huge amount of money in something that isn’t going to serve it’s purpose!

The price of a survey is just a fraction of the price of a property! By having a survey carried out, you find out whether or not a house is worth investing in, potentially saving a much larger sum of money in the future.

Well, I hope my Top Tips on the importance of a survey have helped you with your weekend research.

You can get a quote for a survey here.

Now, go and enjoy your weekend!