What does healthy eating mean to you?

What does healthy eating mean to you?

Nutrition day at the office

We had a nutrition and exercise workshop on 4 Oct with a local personal trainer, Richard Waddington.

It was a great initiative organised by the office to ensure our team were informed about the principles of a balanced diet.

Topics covered

He had a very down to earth approach and covered the following topics:

  • We discussed what “diet” actually means and especially to each of us!
  • What does “healthy eating” mean? i.e. a diet that promotes optimal health
  • What are the key food groups? – carbohydrates, proteins, fats
  • Understanding food labelling
  • Discuss the merits and use of food diaries
  • Useful resources for healthy eating – i.e  NHS guidelines
  • Various myths and misconceptions about diet, food, healthy eating and exercise
  • How exercise fits in with a healthier lifestyle

FREE Health and Fitness assessment

The workshop was repeated across the day allowing many people to attend and talk about nutrition in smaller groups. The aim was to cover advice on nutrition that is simple, easy to follow and easy to integrate into everyday life. The workshop was useful, interesting and informative.

You can now book your FREE consultation meeting and FREE health and fitness assessment with Richard.

How to contact Richard

Website : www.newyoupt.info

Telephone number : 079 4649 8888

Email address: contact@newyoupt.info

Depending on your goals, Richard will provide information and training to improve:

  • Strength and Physical fitness
  • Body shape and muscle tone
  • weight management
  • overall well being


Sounds good? Go for it!