Green Property: Make Your Move Environmentally Friendly

Green Property: Make Your Move Environmentally Friendly

Moving home often comes with a never ending list of important tasks to complete. With so much going on, it can be easy to forget about the environmental impact that your relocation will be having upon the planet. That’s why we’ve created this list of cautionary steps you can take to not only reduce your CO2 emissions, but also make your new property a green home.

Clear out any unwanted items

One of the biggest ways that your move will impact the environment is due to the transport implications. The amount of CO2 being produced will be determined by the amount of stuff you are planning on transporting from one house to another. If you have lots of excessive items, not only will the service be more expensive, but the fuel consumption of the removal vehicles will also be less efficient and more damaging to the environment.

That’s why you should start any move by making sure your clutter has been sorted through and given to a good cause. There are many local charities who will be happy to take a wide range of different items of your hands, not to mention any family or friends who can also make use of your unwanted possessions. If all else fails, remember to use online marketplaces such as Facebook Marketplace, eBay or Gumtree to list your items. This is not only a good environmental option, but it will also lay the ground work for your new green home moving forward.

Re-purpose as much as possible

To cut down on excessive waste or packaging containers, you should also make use of any objects that can double as receptacles. By adapting household items, you can not only minimize the amount that you are transporting, but you can also reduce the number of cardboard or plastic boxes that you are having to use. If you do end up using cardboard containers, it’s important to remember that any boxes can be flat packed, stored and reused in the future. So, make sure you keep a few handy for next time.

It’s also a good idea to adapt your possessions in order to protect any fragile goods. For instance, instead of lining boxes with bubble wrap or foam pellets considering using any towels or cushions that you will also be packing.

Use a green transport company

Another way to limit the emissions being generated by your move, involves checking with your removals company to see if they are using environmentally friendly vehicles. Some firms will offer EEVs (Energy Efficient Vehicles), that are designed to protect the environment by having stringent limits on their particle emissions.

It’s also worth speaking directly with the removals company to see if they have considered any other energy saving measures, such as a more efficient route or the optimal time at which to travel when your moving home.

Sell or recycle any furniture

The issue of fly-tipping is becoming a growing problem for many local councils who end up spending millions of pounds each year cleaning up people’s abandoned furniture or kitchen appliances. Although your move will inevitably involve many items that you will be unable to bring with you, it’s important to know how you can dispose of these objects in an environmental manner.

For example, if you have any furniture that is still in good condition but won’t be able to fit into your new green home, you should consider either donating it to a charity or arranging with your local council to have it recycled. In many instances, both services will offer to collect your items so it’s a good idea to coordinate these appointments ahead of time. Alternatively, if you don’t think you’ll initially have the space for your old furniture, you can always place it in temporary storage until a time that is convenient to you.

Put eco-friendly processes in place

If you are planning on continuing these environmental practices in your new green home, you may be interested in the wide variety of different process you can put into place once you have settled. These include:

  • Insulating your loft
  • Switching to LED bulbs
  • Buying thick curtains and rugs
  • Installing double-glazed windows
  • And much more…


For a comprehensive list of energy efficient tips for your new green property, check out our blog on the topic by clicking here.

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