How Our Independent Surveying Services Can Benefit Your Business

How Our Independent Surveying Services Can Benefit Your Business

Here at White Horse Surveyors, our wide team of property professionals are based across much of England, Scotland and Wales – meaning they can provide their expertise in areas that are local to you. However, despite this extensive coverage, we are always looking at new ways to improve our products and better deliver our surveying services to existing clients. That’s why we are constantly interested in establishing long-lasting, beneficial relationships with other businesses that effectively reflect our culture and values.

This includes anyone working in the following industries:

Estate Agents

Although it is common practice for many Estate Agents to have their own in-house surveying team, there are also a multitude of advantages to utilizing our independent valuations. For instance, your company can make significant savings on employment and expenditure by only requesting a surveyor as required.

Not to mention that, as a flexible and accommodating product, our surveying services are perfectly suited to any client looking to obtain a reliable and unbiased market value for their clients.

Housing Associations

Due to their frequent association with the shared ownership scheme, many housing associations will also require an independent valuation for the purposes of stair-casing property.

Our surveyors can provide this specialist service, as well as expert advice and guidance, for a range of different clients.


As a result of their position as a legal advisor, many solicitors will recommend that their clients have a property survey conducted by an independent professional.

By carrying out a comprehensive inspection of the building, our surveying services can assist a solicitor in building up a complete picture of their client’s prospective purchase. By identifying any existing defects or issues, our services can help flag-up any liabilities that may be of interest to the solicitor and/or their client.

Mortgage Advisors

Many mortgage advisors will advise their clients to obtain an independent valuation. This is because a standard mortgage valuation is only produced for the benefit of the lender and not the buyer! Therefore, it is in the best interests of their client to request an impartial surveyor to complete a separate valuation on their behalf.

Our unbiased and fully independent experts can provide these private services for a range of mortgage advisors and their clients.

Commercial Property

If you are a landlord looking to refinance or restructure a group of residential properties, then you will also require a commercial valuation for this portfolio. This is because of the varying levels of discount that can be applied to the purchase of multiple residential homes.

Our highly experienced and knowledgeable commercial surveying division have a wealth of information regarding these reductions in price. To learn more about this trading arm, click here.

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