Surveyor Stories – Top 4 Most Interesting Finds

Surveyor Stories – Top 4 Most Interesting Finds

Here at White Horse Surveyors, we understand that every building is unique. As a nationally based surveying firm, our property experts regularly encounter interesting properties with a different story to tell! That’s why, for this week’s blog post, we are sharing four of the most interesting finds that our team have come across in the last year alone…

Recycled Barn

Unique Property

This entry comes from October last year and features a Barn whose timber frame was constructed entirely from re-used GPO (now BT) telegraph poles!

A great example of how recycled materials can be used to create a unique and sustainable solution when building property.

Lined Attic Space

Unique Property

According to our surveyor, this property previously belonged to an undertaker who decided to line half of the attic with coffin lining!

Quite a spooky design choice – but it did make for a great Halloween post last year.

Resident Tortoise

Unique Property

Over the course of a typical week, our surveyors visit many households. For this reason, it is not uncommon for our experts to be accompanied on their inspection by a resident dog or cat.

However, our surveyor was a little bit more surprised recently when they looked over their shoulder and found that they were being watched by an inquisitive tortoise!

Wishing Well Cottage

Unique Property

Our final entry features a lovely cottage that features a ‘built-in’ well in the living room. It is likely that this well was originally outside in the rear garden, but the owners decided to extend the property over it.

Instead of filling the hole with rubble and concealing it, they went the extra mile and preserved the stone walls to create this unique feature.

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