Behaviours – Together We Create

We are WILLING to do things

we are prepared and eager to: do our job to the best of our ability, learn, listen, expand our horizons, admit to mistakes and learn from them.


we have high regard for everyone simply because they are another human being. At work in particular, we are thoughtful and always remember that everyone has different viewpoints, capabilities, thought processes and feelings, wishes and rights and we therefore remain attentive and polite at all times.

We support the TEAM

we cooperate and use our individual skills to finish tasks or to come up with solutions. We always provide constructive feedback and will not let any personal conflict interfere with the aim to work well together.


we support and inspire colleagues, peers and line-managers and we commit to encourage and motivate everyone including ourselves to do better and to support everyone to reach and exceed the expected performance level.

We strive for EXCELLENCE

We recognise talent in people which means that we SEE when someone is exceptionally good at something. As line-managers we want to nurture that talent and make sure to have the right people in the right jobs. As colleagues we appreciate that talent or quality within the team and are inspired to find our own. We step outside our comfort zones to grow as persons. If we are talented in something we are modest about it. All of the above will move us to outstanding performance.

We create


We learn to “think outside the box” = we are open to be challenged on our ways of working. We encourage everyone, including ourselves, to ask why we are doing things the way we are and to question whether it is the most efficient and beneficial way for the company. We use our imagination to create something new. We are open to listening to original ideas and consider different approaches to a particular task.


We are moving forward at all times and we get things done in a short space of time. We measure activity by the output achieved.


We make things happen and give everyone the necessary means to do their jobs and daily tasks. We do our best so that everyone else can do their best.

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