Are You at Risk of Flooding or Radon Gas?

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Posted on December 30, 2016 Categories: Buying a House, Looking After Your Home

Have you considered if you are at risk of flooding or radon gas? 

Flooding or radon gas can be a homeowner nightmare.


It’s every homeowner’s nightmare – coming home to a flooded house, especially in the cold winter months!

You can easily find out if your property, or the property you are looking to buy, is at risk of flooding soon or if it is in an area that’s likely to flood regularly – check the flood maps on the directgov website, the Environment Agency’s website or, for Wales, the Natural Resources Wales. They also allow you to sign up for flood warnings if you discover that your property is at risk of flooding.

What is particularly useful for homebuyers is that you can also request the flooding history of a property for free by emailing the address to the Environment Agency.

For yours and your family’s peace of mind, homebuyer reports include a quick review of the topography of a property in relation to flood maps – if you are particularly worried about flooding make sure you bring it up with your surveyor who can give you some advice based on the property in question.

Radon Gas

Radon gas is often a worry and a potential homeowner nightmare – it is a natural radioactive gas that comes from the decay of small amounts of uranium that is in all rocks and soil. High exposure can increase the risk of lung cancer and can, therefore, be highly dangerous. Often, however, there isn’t too much to worry about – most homes contain a low amount that is unlikely to have much effect on you.

You can check the Public Health England website – it has an interactive map that shows where high levels of radon are more likely. If you are concerned about radon gas in your home, you can order a radon address search, which will tell you the likeliness of there being high levels of radon at your address – but make sure you do this early as it will take at least 3 months in order for it to be accurate!

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