Buying Property: What Can I Do If My Property Chain Collapses?

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Last week the team here at White Horse Surveyors shared an article on this topic from the perspective of a Seller. To check out the full post, simply click here.

Recently, many homeowners have experienced the ongoing problems that come with a property chain collapsing because of the Coronavirus Pandemic, as well as from several other associated issues. This can leave the buyer in a difficult and stressful position, especially if you are part of an involved and/or complicated purchase chain.

It is for this reason, that the team here at White Horse Surveyors have put together the following article to explain what you can do to anticipate this situation and any actions you should take if your purchase does end up falling through.


The process of Gazumping refers to a situation where the seller has accepted a buyer offer but later accepts a different (often greater) offer from a different party – subsequently dropping the original buyer and causing their property chain to collapse.

However, it can also be used to describe the highly dishonest practice of inventing a higher offer from a fictional buyer. This is often an attempt by the seller to convince the buyer that they must raise their offer to match, even though it was already accepted at a lower amount.

For all the essential information on this practice, simply check out this guest blog from Girlings Solicitors.

Property Surveys

As many property experts will agree, an independent survey can help any prospective buyer in making a safe and secure purchase. More specifically, a RICS approved surveyor can identify any potentially serious defects or issues that may impact your decision in purchasing the home.

If the inspection does find any major problems that will need to be addressed prior to your move-in day, it is advised that you discuss these findings with your seller. In some cases, they may be willing to lower the asking price to account for any repair work that will have to be completed. 

However, if the findings are serious enough or the two parties cannot agree on a new purchase price, the buyer may want to pull out of the sale entirely and collapse the chain.

Family & Friends

If you are part of a highly complicated chain, you may want to reach out to friends and/or family for support during this stressful period. By moving into the houses of your friends/or family you are effectively adding an additional chain to the moving process – meaning that you will be partially protected in the unfortunate event that the sale falls through. What is more, if you have already sold your home then you might want to consider placing any personal belongings into storage and then (depending upon your personal circumstances) temporarily move into the homes of friends and/or family.

Bridging Loan

There are also several precautionary steps that a buyer can take to reassure the seller that they are fully committed to the purchase. One of these solutions is to obtain a Bridging Loan which will permit the buyer to purchase the property entirely with cash and subsequently pay the loan back using the money from your own property sale.

By acquiring a Bridging Loan, you are not only demonstrating dedication to the sale of the property, but also reducing your reliance on the chain.

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