Home Offices: How They Can Add Value to Your Property

Home Offices

Back in March 2020, the initial work from home guidance was issues by the government. Now, over 12-months on, many homeowners across the UK are adjusting to the new flexible working arrangement where they choose specific office-based days whilst they continue to work remotely where possible. With the home becoming an increasingly popular work environment, many people have been thinking about how they can adapt their existing property to better suit the current circumstances. In addition, by creating or modifying a space for office space you can potentially also add value to your home.

To explain the different ways that you can create an effective working space as well as detail the key benefits, the team here at White Horse Surveyors have put together the following article…

Converting a Spare Room

One of the most common methods for creating a home office is to renovate a spare room. As one of the cheapest options, this process has many advantages over some of the more complicated alternatives.  

Not only are you keeping expenses at a minimum, but you can also tailor the layout to suit your needs. This can help you to work productively and limit the usual interruptions that come along with everyday home life (especially if you have children and/or pets).

However, the custom nature of this set-up will still be constrained by the limits of your property. For example, if the room is too small or cramped you will have to consider a more elaborate conversion. This is where the next option can be beneficial.

Using An Outbuilding

Another popular choice of home office involves an outbuilding such as a shed or garage. Despite being a more involved conversion, these buildings make it far easier to maintain a healthy work/life balance by entirely separating the spaces.

In addition, unlike the previous option, this method of renovation is far more likely to add meaningful value to your property. This is mainly due to the desirability of a dedicated working space in the current climate.

Nevertheless, although outbuildings present a more valuable addition to your home, there are also stricter regulations that you should be aware of. For example, you will need to consult both your insurer and possibly apply for planning permission (depending on the extent of works being carried out).

For all the essential details on outbuildings, check out our blog on the topic here.

Building An Extension

The last option is the most complicated and involved, but also the most lucrative. By building an entirely new section of your home that acts as a dedicated office space, you can potentially add major value to your home’s market value.

Although this will seem very attractive to future buyers, the expenditure associated can be incredibly high so the benefits will depend on your personal budget and aspirations for the project. Extensions can also be time-consuming and dependent on obtaining the correct planning permission, so it is important to also factor this into your decision.

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