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Story So Far
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Here at White Horse Surveyors, we aim to make the home moving process as simple and easy as possible. Our experts work tirelessly to provide our customers with an informative and empowering property report, giving you peace of mind during the decision-making process. To learn more about the history of the company, we caught up with our founder and chairman Chris Freeman to discover the story so far.

Despite being the UK’s largest independent, residential surveying firm, our team are always looking for the latest talent to join our ever-growing team. Since establishing the company in 2006, White Horse Surveyors now operate a large network of nationally based surveyors.

Discover More In Our Story So Far

How did White Horse Surveyors first get its start?

“In 2006 I had been doing some residential surveying and thought that I could do my own thing, so to speak, and do a better job really than in the other environment. So, I set out to provide a residential surveying service initially across the South of England and then it grew from there.”

What did the first few years look like for White Horse Surveyors?

“The first few years were hard work. Doing the surveys or inspections during the day as well as then also running things and interviewing and growing the team. Both of in terms of surveyors and on the administrative side.”

What was the motivation behind starting White Horse Surveyors?

“To provide an independent service within the industry. So, most companies are connected to Estate Agents and so this was a relatively brave move. But nevertheless, I felt that there was a place for a company who stood on its own feet.”

Can you tell us a little about the induction process? What support do the surveyors receive?

“Yes, once a new surveyor starts, they have help from one of our training managers. They are visited once they go back to their home and their area and accompanied on surveys and valuations. They come back for additional training and they also have on-going support both in terms of email and telephone with a technical surveyor who can help and check their work, for up to three months if necessary.”

What three words best describe working for White Horse Surveyors and Its Story?

“I think for me it’s: Fun and Great Team.”

Can you explain why Customer Care is so important to White Horse Surveyors?

“This is the main customer facing element of the company, so to hopefully encourage people to return for further valuations or surveys its absolutely vital. So crucial to the business moving forward.”

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