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FREE Event in Corsham

ActionCOACH organised a FREE event in Corsham in Wiltshire on the 9th of October 2018.

They invited new businesses to take them through their “Six Steps to a Winning Business” process.

Who is ActionCOACH?

Peter Rolliston, Joanne Rolliston and Alison Clarke are the Frome team for ActionCoach.

They are committed, positive and successful people who are always striving to be balanced, integral and honest.

They will work within “14 Points of Culture” to make sure that everyone will benefit greatly and in some way move closer to becoming the person they want to be or achieve the goals they want to achieve.

What did they cover during the event

Growing a business brings challenges. How you deal with the challenges and relating growing pains is the difference between success and failure.

So ActionCOACH talked about:

  • The difference between working ON vs. IN a business
  • How to grow as a leader
  • How to grow business profits by up to 61% in 365 days
  • How to maximise efficiency and profits
  • How to create a commercial, profitable enterprise

White Horse Surveyors was involved.

White Horse Surveyors are proud to have sponsored the event. Chris Freeman, the owner of White Horse Surveyors joined Peter Rolliston, ActionCOACH to share his growth story with the local business owners. During the workshop, Chris related how important it was to think about what you want personally from the business.

So often business owners just look at the business and forget about what they really want to have. Peter, ActionCOACH talked about BE X DO = HAVE. Owners are wrapped up in being the business owners and doing the job that they forget what they want to have whether it is time with family, holidays, home, holidays, charity work etc and needs a bit of thought.

The attendees were amazed as the 5 ways model was explained and how White Horse Surveyors have used this model to grow over the last 4 years by 8 times and now employ ….. staff.

How could ActionCOACH help you?

Working with Peter businesses have :

  • Transformed their marketing and sales strategies
  • Significantly increased productivity
  • Systemised and streamlined their operations
  • Gained a fuller understanding of where they and their companies are headed
  • Created fully engaged teams

Get in touch!

To book a session with ActionCoach, you can either phone them on 01373 801234 or email them ">here.

They are also very active on Social Media, so you can follow them on Facebook : @prolliston , Twitter @CoachingFrome.

Peter is also on LinkedIn.

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