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Swindon Big Sleep Out
Posted on December 20, 2019 Categories: Community Matters

Earlier this month, a few members of the WHS team joined the homelessness charity Threshold Housing Link in their annual ‘Big Swindon Sleep Out’. A total of 178 people took part, spending a night under stars during a very cold evening on December 6th.

Headed up by Michael Keenan, Threshold’s Chief Development Officer, the Big Swindon Sleep Out takes place on a yearly basis and is designed to raise awareness and funds for those in Swindon who are sleeping rough.

Here is what some of our staff had to say about the event:

Claudia Sesterheim (CEO): “All the work we do is ultimately to support individuals to get their own home. Having said this, it is a pleasure to therefore support Threshold’s Big Sleep Out in order to display solidarity and support those who experience homelessness.”

Elizabeth Graney (Digital Marketing Manager): “The evening was enjoyable with good company and a great atmosphere but once the cold hit at 2am the reality of being out all night, every night without your own home or a safe, waterproof shelter really hit. We were lucky that we were all able to go home and warm up, recover or catch-up on our sleep.”

James Powell (Digital Marketing Assistant): “It was a real honor to have taken part in the event. Although we work in the property industry, it’s often easy to forget just how fortunate we all are to have a roof over our heads during these cold winter months. That’s why solidarity events like the Big Swindon Sleep Out are so important to us.”

Homelessness Charity

A week and a half on from the Sleep Out, and the total raised is now over £20,000!

A fantastic achievement for the Threshold Housing Link team and a testament to everyone involved in this incredible event.

For more information on how to make a meaningful donation to Threshold Housing Link, click here.

To learn more about the Big Swindon Sleep Out, click here.

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