Fun Facts About the Chippenham Half-Marathon 2018

Posted on September 20, 2018 Categories: Community Matters

Here are all comments we gathered from the half-marathon website, Facebook page and White Horse Surveyors staff experience of the event:


1300 were forecasted to take part. 821 participants are listed as runners on the results page.


The event raised money for worthy local causes like : Carer Support Wiltshire, who helps carers of all ages to access the support they need.


White horse Surveyors were happy to donate £1500 to  sponsor the event. Our Management team came to the event and held the last water station: Claudia Sesterheim, CEO, Sam Allen, Head of Operations, Sara Owen,Head of Client Relationships and Marketing. Ben and Mark from Minitivo ran the half-marathon.  We gave away Ooho water capsules, which are eco-friendly and made of seaweed! People said they were easy to use and pleasantly cold.

So fast!

It took only 1 hour and 15 minutes and 1 hour 22 minutes for the fastest man and  woman to complete the 13 miles ! Wow!

Great staff!

Staff and most specifically the marshals were great . The scouts at the end did a quick and friendly job at collecting chips from the runners.

Great music!

The drummers were strategically placed when things were really hurting… Music is so important for runners to keep going for 13 miles!

Watch a video!

Please go to this website  to view the video, that one local spectator made.

Lovely route!

Runners commented that the route was lovely yet challenging.

A big thank you!

Runners were really impressed by the extremely slick operation, especially at the end when they didn’t even need to ask before their bags were handed to them! They praised the organisation, facilities and marshalling. A true example to many races! We would like to congratulate all involved in organising and running the event, it was a great occasion! So start training in June next year for the nest year half marathon and see you all next year!

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