Working at White Horse Surveyors is action packed, fun, challenging and rewarding. The team has been growing and developing, whilst following an ever-developing housing market.

We know that investing in our team, means they will invest in our customers. Check out our testimonials!

Here is what some of the team say about working here.


Dash - our office dog - culture and values“Working at WHS to me means excitement and opportunities and the thrill to develop myself and to learn something new every day. It means having the freedom to create something wonderful with a great bunch of people.” Claudia, our Chief Executive Officer


“I love working for White Horse Surveyors because of the lovely family atmosphere in the office. Everyone works together as a team to provide the best possible service to our customers. It’s great to be able to offer a service that genuinely helps people during what can be a very stressful time in their lives.” Daisy, Sales & Marketing Officer


“Woof, We love biscuits, treats, cuddles, short walks around the block and laying in the sunshine, Woof Woof.” Dash & Pickles


“Working for White Horse Surveyors enables me as a Surveyor to provide the best service possible to our clients, thanks to the fantastic bookings, report processing and sales teams we have in place. The incredibly experienced technical team provide an unrivalled knowledge base for complex instructions ensuring our clients receive the highest quality valuations and surveys. I love being able to give home buyers confidence in their purchase in the various ways that we do, whether that is by alerting them to an issue they would not have otherwise been prepared for, or by finding great comparable sales to justify the purchase price they are paying. “Rachel, Surveyor


“I feel privileged to work at a Company whose work is delivered with passion and enthusiasm.  Every day is a new challenge and every day we help to make someone’s dream purchase come true.  I work alongside a truly fabulous group of people who together create a powerful team all driven to deliver excellence.” Rachel, Head of The Surveyor Management Team


“Working for WHS means coming to work to join a great bunch of people, all working together to grow the business and find new ways to help people who are looking for a new home or investment. I’m really proud to work in the Sales Team, which means listening and understanding and finding a service that suits just what the customer needs.” Sara, Head of Client Relationships and Marketing


“Part of the service is talking to the customers and helping them understand the issues they are facing when taking such a big step as buying a property. There are often difficult decisions to be made and it is always satisfying to feel that we have made those decisions easier for our customers.” Brendan, Surveyor


“It means being a part of a very important stage in a person life, buying/moving to a new home. Also, it means spending time in an office where everyone is a friend as well as a colleague all wanting to achieve the same thing.” Laura, Booking Team


“Being part of a company that encourages you to be the best version of you in your role is a great feeling.” Samantha, Head of Operations


“I enjoy working at White Horse Surveyors as everyone in the company strives to ensure the best service is offered to the customer in what is sometimes a stressful time in their lives. No two days are ever the same, but we can always count on each other to assist with whatever is needed to get tasks completed quickly and efficiently.” Sue, Booking Team