5 Top Tips To Get Your Home Ready For Winter

Winter Dash
Posted on September 25, 2018 Categories: Dash's Blog, Home Improvements, Looking After Your Home

Hey Guys, Dash here! I hope you’re all coping well with this cooler weather now we will soon be approaching winter again! Pickles and I are certainly missing the sunshine.

With winter just around the corner, we thought it would be the perfect time to give you all some tips and tricks on how to get your home ready for the colder months!

Tip number 1 – Have your boiler serviced. There’s nothing worse than losing your heating or hot water in the depths of winter! Regular servicing can often prevent breakdowns and identify possible problems before they become serious and often urgent.

Tip number 2 – Bleed your radiators. This is when you let out air that has become trapped inside, preventing cold spots and making sure they are working efficiently. This can even save you money on your energy bills so is definitely worth a little time.

Tip number 3 – Check the exterior of your property. Take a look at the exterior of your property to make sure that there are no missing or broken tiles or cracks in the walls. These could worsen in the future, and won’t be fun to deal with when it’s raining and freezing cold! It is also an idea to ensure that all of your gutters are clear of blockages.

Tip number 4 – Check your insulation. Have a look in your attic to see if the insulation is up to scratch.  if the insulation is level with or below the attic floor joists, it would be wise to add more. There are now a range of insulation options available on the market and you may even be able to access a grant to assist you with the cost.

Tip number 5 – Check your pipes. There’s nothing worse than broken or burst pipes during the winter! Make sure you check them before the weather dips and where possible ensure they have protection from the elements. If you have an outside tap we recommend covering it.

Storm Damage

I hope my top tips have helped you prep for the inevitably cold and icy British winter! Remember home care, regular maintenance and advance planning can often prevent future unexpected bills especially when you can lease afford them. We always recommend a range of home maintenance tasks in our surveys and each home is individual so we recommend speaking to a specialist if you ever have any concerns or worries.

If you make a large number of improvements to your property we recommend you get an updated property valuation as this can be useful for your household insurance. You can get a personalised quote for a remote valuation or a full property valuation today: https://www.whitehorsesurveyors.co.uk/whs-quote/

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