Should I Pass on My Survey to Vendors or Estate Agents?

Posted on December 22, 2017 Categories: First Time Buyers, Getting a Survey

If you find urgent issues on your survey and want to renegotiate on the price or pull out of the sale altogether, the vendor or estate agents will often ask for a copy of the report. We’re often asked by customers whether they can do this, or if it is a good idea…

Why do they want to see the report?

If the issues that are revealed by the report come as a surprise to the vendors, it would be beneficial to them and their estate agents to own a copy of the report, as this would mean they could either fix the issues or at least keep them in mind when selling to other potential buyers. It would also mean that they wouldn’t have to pay for a survey themselves.

Can I give them a copy of my survey?

After you have paid for your survey and the report has been sent to you, it’s yours and, therefore, whatever happens to it next is your prerogative.

We don’t send your report to anyone but you, and then it is your property. If the report is passed on or copied, we still will not communicate with anyone else about your report, other than yourself.

Should I give them a copy?

If you decide not to purchase a property, it wouldn’t do any harm to let the vendor or Estate Agent have a copy of your report as you would no longer have any use for it. However, if you are still in the process of attempting the renegotiate the price, giving them a copy may not work in your favour as they could try to fix the problems themselves at a cheaper rate.

If they want proof of issues before renegotiating on price, you could send them small segments of the report which highlight the main problems, however, it this would not be standard procedure.

An option would be to charge them for a copy of the survey – this would still be beneficial to them as they would gain a survey of their property at a cheaper price than if they bought one themselves, and would give you some money back on your purchase.

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