How to Add Value to Your Home


Something to consider before you put your house on the market is whether you have done everything you can to maximise its value or add value to your home. Is your home living up to it’s potential? Could it be sold for more if you made a few changes?

We’ve put together a list of some changes you could make to increase the value of your home.

Fix any basic structural problems

Before you do anything else, you need to fix any structural problems with the house. If you don’t, a potential buyer might not notice, but a surveyor certainly will.
We would strongly advise that you get a HomeBuyer Report or a Building Survey in order to address any defects that will otherwise be identified later in the buying process!
For some examples of structural problems which you might need to fix, click here.

Consider updating wiring and plumbing

If your house hasn’t been rewired for a few years and if your fuse box is getting pretty old, your house may be due a rewire. Adding extra sockets can also add value – you should consider how someone might use the property and add sockets where they’d come in handy. You can also get some nice face plates to make rooms look a bit more modern and attractive.
Old pipes can lead to annoying noises and even burst pipes. Talk to a plumber and ask them to assess whether you should consider a combination boiler, a pressurised plumbing system, or a different solution.

Install central heating

This is a big one. I know that when I’m house-hunting, the first thing I check before I even view the property is whether it has central heating – a lot of people just aren’t interested if it doesn’t. So, if you don’t have it, get it! And if you have central heating already, make sure the energy efficiency of your home is up to scratch so that it retains the heat. Check out how you can do this here.

Fix any unsightly cosmetic defects

This won’t significantly increase the value of your property, but it sure will affect the price it sells at. Make sure viewers aren’t going to see peeling paint, dripping taps, squeaky floors and doors, mould, bad smells, or any general damage.

Replace windows

Investing in some new double glazed PVCu windows can add significant value to a property – they don’t need much maintenance, are secure, and are energy efficient.

Give your kitchen a makeover

If the kitchen doesn’t look great, buyers won’t be interested – we all know this is the case! Spend the money and give it a makeover, and you’ll have a lot of more opportunities to sell. Make sure the layout works and that there’s enough space for buyers to install a fridge, dishwasher etc. Your kitchen should have a colour scheme (usually neutral colours), have attractive, modern appliances and counters, and be well lit. It’s worth making sure that everything is easy to clean too!

Add more storage space

A lack of storage space will really put potential buyers off – make sure all space in your house is being used to its full potential. The space under the stairs can be a cupboard, random nooks in corridors can also be used as cupboards, and sometimes you’ll find unused space behind plasterboard that can be used for storage.

Create parking

This can add a lot of value, especially if you live in a city where on street parking is particularly difficult. Remember, more buyers will prefer parking to a front garden!

Enhance or restore the property’s character

If there was a period-style fireplace or panelled walls, for example, that have since been removed, you can restore these features to add value to your home. Removing décor such as laminate floorings and plastic fake beams can also add some value, particularly if you live in an old building.

Add a conservatory

This may seem like a big cost for someone else to enjoy, but a nice conservatory can add more value than it costs. For it to do so, you must follow a few rules though: make sure it’s energy efficient, heated and facing south to gain more heat from the sun and well ventilated to prevent overheating and condensation. It’s important to add functionality to the property and make it feel like it’s part of the house.

Give the garden a makeover

A beautiful garden will add lots of value to a property: find out what house-hunters look for in a garden here.

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