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Introduction to Things That Can Devalue Your Home

Last week the team here at White Horse Surveyors shared an article all about the ways in which you can improve the value of your home. Whilst it can be tempting to assume that any kind of work carried out on your property will automatically increase its market value, this is not always the case. In fact, there are certain alterations and/or features which will actively devalue your home.

Luckily, our experts have put together the following blog post to make you aware of some of the things which might negatively impact your home and its market worth.

Planning Permission

Whilst this is not essential for every project or alteration, many projects will require the homeowner to obtain a specific form of planning permission before they can begin work on their home.

The documentation associated with these projects is required by law. Meaning that it is also very important that the homeowner retains all the associated paperwork. This is because, when it comes to selling your home, the homebuyer can renegotiate the asking price if they discover that any of the rooms have NOT been formally approved by the council.

Overly Distinctive Renovations Can Devalue Your Home

Although decorating may seem like an essential process for any homeowner who is looking to make a property their own, there is always a danger of implementing too much of your personal taste.

For this reason, it is often a better idea to stick to neutral colours and universally accepted styles of décor. This will make it easier for any potential buyer to envisage themselves and their possessions within your home – greatly impacting their decision when it comes to purchasing the property.

Unprofessional DIY

Another appealing option for homeowners that are about to put their property on the market can be to save a little money on renovations by just doing it yourself. Whilst this can work in the short-term, when it comes time to put your home on the market, any potential purchaser will likely take note of these quick fixes and see it as a highly discouraging feature.

This is because the cost of amending these dodgy jobs will have to be factored into their spending and/or budget. Making what may initially seem like a reasonably priced home, costing a lot more later down the line.

To avoid these issues, you should always seek to employ a trustworthy professional to carry out any kind of work around the home.

Too Many Alterations

As was mentioned earlier in this article, it can seem appealing for homeowners to go a little overboard with new home extensions and improvements – in a bid to improve its market value. However, the addition of an unnecessary extension or bedroom can make your home seem out-of-place and, in some cases, unfit for purpose.

For instance, by converting an existing bedroom into an en-suite you are immediately decreasing the potential value of your home – especially if you only install a shower room and not a proper bathroom.

On the other hand, by commissioning a host of new bedrooms and extensions, you run the risk of significantly exceeding the average asking price of other homes in your area. In doing this, you are not only making your home aesthetically unappealing (in comparison), but you are also making your property more difficult to sell – especially within the context of the local market.

Garden Features and Japanese Knotweed

Any outdated, unnecessary, or dangerous garden features can also have a significant impact on the value of your property. This includes the following:

Trees that are too close to the property and/or fencing – Can cause serious structural damage.

Replacing natural grass with AstroTurf – Easier to maintain but considered undesirable by many (especially those with young children).

Poorly maintained fences and walls – Damage to these boundary dividers can not only be off-putting but they can also have a serious impact on the safety and privacy of a home.

However, not all the issues that could potentially devalue your home are created by the homeowner. Quite often, many defects can go unnoticed until they become a serious issue that needs to be dealt with by a professional. This is the case with Japanese Knotweed, which can cause serious damage to the structural integrity of your home.  Capable of growing up to 10cm per day, this plant will often find its way through weak areas in a property (building foundations, wall structures, etc) and causing further deterioration.

It for this reason that you should always request a property surveyor to inspect the property before a sale. This way you can guarantee that you are not about to purchase a house that may contain dangerous or costly defects.

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