What Are Remote Valuations?

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Here at White Horse Surveyors, we understand that the current property market is beset by delays, cancellations and difficulties concerning access. In an ever-changing world, many homebuyers are now looking for a quicker and more convenient method of valuation that embraces automation and telecommuting. This is where a Remote Valuation can assist.

Our team have recently introduced a brand-new ‘Remote’ service to our broad range of existing valuations. This alternative to our standard appraisals, offers a far quicker and more convenient way of obtaining an independent market valuation. Sometimes referred to as a ‘Desktop Valuation’, this assessment is exclusively conducted using materials that are available online and does not require any form of physical inspection. This makes it the perfect option for anyone who has issues organizing access to the property or is limited by their time and budget.

However, there are several key factors that any potential customer should consider before requesting this report. We’ve included some of the key information below…

What Are Remote Valuations?

As was previously mentioned, our Remote Valuations (also known as Desktop Valuations) refer to an open-market appraisal of a property that only utilizes information available from online sources. By cross referencing these tools with their wealth of professional knowledge and experience, our surveyors can provide an estimate of the market value on a wide variety of different homes. What’s more, as there is no physical reference required at any stage of the process, this can all be completed without the hassle of arranging access or liaising with estate agents.

What Is Included in a Remote Valuation?

As part of these appraisals, our Remote Valuations will be made up of three core sections:

  • An open market valuation conducted by a RICS/VRS regulated surveyor.
  • Three comparable properties, that are situated within the local area.
  • Information from various commercial and government funded websites.

When Are They Required?

A Remote Valuation would generally be recommended in circumstances where the property has been kept in good condition and is situated in a heavily populated area. This way, the surveyor can draw from a wide range of different resources and provide the most accurate and timely assessment possible. All whilst remaining independent from that of an estate agent.

Whilst it is advantageous for any prospective purchaser who wants to get an idea of the market value to request a remote valuation, there are also specific cases during which we would advise a desktop appraisal. For instance, anyone who has inherited property in a will, is considering buying a new build or is looking to purchase via an auction will likely benefit from this method of assessment. In addition, as was mentioned previously, any potential customers who would experience difficulties with gaining access to the property will also find this product to be in their best interests. For example, if the property is tenanted and you either cannot arrange a physical visit or you require a more discrete service (i.e. you don’t yet wish to provide notice to the tenants).

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If you require a remote valuation for any of the above purposes, please do not hesitate to contact our friendly and helpful sales team. They will be more than happy to have an in-principle discussion about your specific needs and requirements. You can reach us by telephone on 01249 44465 or on email via .

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