Why Get a Survey?

Posted on December 6, 2016 Categories: Getting a Survey, Moving Home

A mistake that people often make when buying a house is relying on their estate agent or mortgage advisor to ensure that the house that they are buying is in good order. This isn’t wise, as in most cases they will either be unaware of many of the defects within a property, or are not willing to tell you in order to make a sale. Properties often have defects that would be unknown to most because they are not immediately visible – these defects frequently turn out to be costly in the future. Remember a property valuation is not a property survey and will not highlight potential problems with the property.

On average, homeowners that did not get a survey before they bought a house faced forking out £5,750 on repairing hidden faults.

This is where property surveyors come in handy. Getting a survey can prevent you from buying a house that seems to be in good order at first, but will end up costing you potentially thousands of pounds in the future due to a serious defect that wasn’t discovered earlier.

Additionally, surveys can be a great tool to use when negotiating on the price of a house. If defects are found within the property, you could use that information to lower its selling price. Getting a survey before you buy can help you get your money’s worth in more ways than one!

“Buying a house is a huge investment – it doesn’t make sense to risk such a large amount of money on a property that you aren’t 100% sure is worth it. By spending a relatively small sum on a survey, you can ensure that you aren’t wasting your money and that there won’t be any nasty and expensive surprises in the future.” – David Charter, Sales & Marketing Officer

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