Decorating Your House for Christmas on Any Budget

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We’re very close to December now, which means it’s definitely almost time to start thinking about getting our Christmas decorations up!

Get your house into the festive spirit with these decorating ideas for every budget.


Handpicked decorations

Head outdoors and find some pine cones, holly, and ivy, and use the trimmed branches from your Christmas tree to create beautiful, rustic decorations.

Tie them together with some ribbon and hang them on the walls, or scatter them in the middle of your dinner table to compliment your other decorations.

Source: Lowes
Christmas scents

Try incorporating cinnamon sticks with your decorations. You could put them in little jars, or hanging them from your Christmas tree using ribbons or string.

Alternatively, you can up your candle game by buying tall, red candlesticks for a classy, festive touch.

Source: Lushome
Lots of glitter!

If sparkle is what you’re after this season, glitter is very cheap and can be added almost anywhere – as long as you don’t mind the clean up afterwards!

Try scattering some on your mantelpiece, on some fake fruit, or on your table cloth.

Source: Best of Interiors
Display cards in a creative way

Instead of just displaying your Christmas cards on your mantlepiece of shelves, try pinning them to some long strips of red felt and hanging them on the walls. You could also hang them over some string and pin them to the ceiling.

The best thing is, you can get as creative as you like – and all for next to no money.

Source: Andrea’s Notebook

Tinsel doesn’t just have to go on the tree – you can also weave it through your bannister railings, frame your doors and windows with it, or twist it around your bed frame.

It’s a great, and affordable way to spruce up all the rooms in your home without too much effort.

Source: Bower Power


Buy one (or two) wreaths

You can buy some lovely wreaths online or at independent shops and markets, or you can make your own. Many places offer classes where you can make your own professional-looking wreaths, for a personal touch.

You could even double up – two wreaths on your door looks a little different, classy and extra Christmassy.

Jars of Christmas treats

Fill glass jars with festive, colourful food, such as walnuts and cranberries. These can be jazzed up with ribbons, glitter, and candles, and can be used as beautiful centrepieces for your table too.

Source: Kate Mathis
Light up your garden

Don’t just stick to dressing up the inside of your home – head outside and light up your garden with LED lights strung around your trees and bushes.

Alternatively, you can string some lights around your gate and line your pathways with twinkling LEDs – to always feel like you’re making an entrance!

Source: Catherine Zaidova
Festive throws

Give your bed or sofa a speedy festive makeover with a red, plaid throw. Not only will the room feel instantly full of holiday spirit, but it will feel ten times more cosy too.

Source: Dusty Mars
Gingerbread house

Gingerbread houses make beautiful Christmas ornaments for your mantelpiece. You can either opt to make your own, buy a kit for building your own, or you can even buy one premade online.

Source: Kerrygold

All out

Use mini Christmas trees as a table centrepiece

Christmas trees aren’t just for putting presents under – they can also be used as centrepieces for your table (smaller ones, of course).

You can make your own miniature tree decorations and string some lights and tinsel around it too – be as extravagant as you like, or just buy a couple of mini, simple trees for each end of the table.

Source: Chelsea Francis
LED decorations everywhere

If you have children, you’ll have been nagged at some point to put up some lights outside your home! You can buy some amazing LED displays to attach to your exterior walls or to have on your lawn. Because why not let everyone know that you love Christmas?

Source: Cheminee
Dress up your bar cart

Using a bit of tinsel and mistletoe, you can turn your bar cart into a beautiful decorative piece, as well as a handy drinks station for your Christmas parties.

You could even turn it into a hot chocolate cart for those cosy evenings spent watching festive films and waiting for Santa with the kids.

Source: i1
Christmassy serving platters

You can buy some really beautiful platters to serve all your festive treats in, such as these bronzed bowls. Alternatively, you could find your ideal serving platters, and use some gold spray paint to transform them into tempting displays.

Keep them on your coffee table around Christmas time, and make sure you keep the walnuts topped up!

Source: Jennifer Pallian
A festive display

If you have a prominent shelf in your living room, go all out dressing it up and making it the focal point of the room.

Use brass or gold Christmassy ornaments, spray some fake leaves gold and use plenty of mistletoe, tinsel, and glitter!

Source: Wesley Tingey
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