Maintaining Good Ventilation in the Winter

Posted on January 4, 2017 Categories: Looking After Your Home

Homeowners don’t often make winter ventilation a priority. It is well-known that ventilation in homes is important – removing moisture from the air and therefore preventing stale and damp air from building up will stop the growth of mould and grimy windows! However, in winter, maintaining good ventilation is often not a priority – but it should be! Your immune system is likely to take a battering during winter, even without the added health risks of polluted air in your home.

Winter Ventilation

In cold weather, you will be much less likely to want to crack open a window – but the condensation from your showers, cooking and wet laundry has to go somewhere!

“In the long run, opening your windows for a few minutes a day is a much nicer option than allowing your home to be filled with humid air. Ensuring you have extractor fans in your kitchen and bathroom is also a great way of keeping the air in your home clean and protecting your family’s health. Contrary to common beliefs, it won’t cost you a fortune and could save you money when you decide to sell your property.” – Andy Morgan MRICS, Technical Manager

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