Smart Home Technology – 3 Essential Devices for Your Home

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Over the last ten years, smart home technology has completely transformed our expectations of modern houses. Whether this is through the automation of everyday tasks or the ability to control key systems remotely, there is no denying that these new gadgets offer huge advances in practicality and regulation.

To assist, the team here at White Horse Surveyors have put together the following article – outlining some of the best gadgets and their uses.

They are also a highly unique selling point and will potentially attract buyers to your property. In fact, more permanent devices will actively increase the value of your home.

What Is Smart Home Technology?

Smart Home Technology generally refers to any kind of gadget, appliance or device that can connect to a shared network. Combine this with your smartphone and these tools give you the ability to control a range of different household systems using one remote device, regardless of whether you are inside the house or out and about running errands.

This is also the case for several other smart devices including:

• Smart Fridges – Makes use of touchscreens and see through doors, allowing you to mark food that is nearing its use-by date and (in some cases) order replacements.

• Autonomous Vacuum Cleaners – Employs motion sensor technology to navigate a room and automatically clean a range of different surfaces.

• Smart Plugs – By connecting to your wi-fi, these plugs allow you to control a range of different household appliances even when you are not in the house.

Not only do these new and emerging technologies provide you with a hugely convenient and streamlined solution to many day-to-day activities, but they also present the unique opportunity to better manage your finances and security.

Smart Speakers

One of the leading devices in this technological revolution has been smart speakers. In recent years, brands such as the Amazon Echo and Google Nest have transformed the way that we play music, set alarms, follow recipes, and even control the lights.

All of which can be achieved by simply using your voice. Reducing the hassle and providing a central hub from which to connect and control your home’s electronic ecosystem.

And whilst these devices favour convenience more than anything else, the ability to remotely control the lighting from anywhere in the world (provided you have access to a wi-fi or data connection) has many benefits for energy efficiency as well as deterring potential burglars.

Smart Thermostats

Another great device for any energy conscious homeowner is the smart thermostat. These programmable gadgets not only allow you to control the heating remotely, but they also retain information about your personal preferences to recommend the most energy efficient routine for you.

In addition, these devices can also be programmed to notify you when the temperature of your home rises above a certain threshold – potentially adding several benefits in regard to fire safety.

Combine all of this with the fact that many of these devices will produce custom reports that break down your usage on a monthly/weekly basis and it is the perfect tool for anyone looking to reduce their energy bills.

Smart Doorbells

Lastly, if you are looking for technology to bolster your existing home security then you may want to consider integrating a smart surveillance system into your existing network of gadgets. These may include:

• Keyless Entry Locks – Removes the potential security risk of losing or misplacing the spare key.

• Smart Security Cameras – Can be connected to a smart phone, allowing for remote surveillance of your home that can be accessed at any time.

More specifically, smart doorbells can add an additional level of security to your home. Unlike a regular doorbell, this brand incorporates a live video camera that you can access via your smartphone – allowing you to answer the door remotely. These tools can also be set-up to send out alerts when you miss a delivery or display footage from your front door when you are out of town.

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