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Moving home can be a stressful and intense experience. With so many administrative tasks to be taken care of, the opportunity to make the process that little bit easier and less hectic with a moving app is always welcome.

Luckily, in today’s technological environment, there are a huge number of bespoke and user-friendly tools that can assist you from the initial house hunting session all the way through to the final inventory check. To make things even simpler, the team here at White Horse Surveyors have assembled our top 5 apps to make the homebuying process as simple as possible…

App: Rightmove

Developer: Rightmove

The first step of any move begins with the property search. As one of the most crucial moments for any prospective homebuyer, you’ll want to ensure that you have access to as much information as possible.

This is where the Rightmove moving app can assist. As one of the most comprehensive tools on this list, the app allows you to browse over 800,000 homes currently for sale on the UK property market. Not to mention that these listings also include detailed information on the local area and property history. Making any decision you make confident and informed.

App: Moving Checklist

Developer: M.M Productions

Once you’ve found the perfect place and are ready to begin the moving process, the next stage involves packing up your belongings to transfer to your new home. It’s a good idea to stay organized and keep a track of these items as you go so that nothing is forgotten about or goes missing.

Moving Checklist is a great moving app for this. By separating your belongings into distinct categories, it not only compiles all these items into one handy list, but it also allocates the recommended time frame for each of these tasks.

App: Toss – Declutter Fast & Easy

Developer: Nibi Designs

Now that you’ve packed everything up and are ready to transfer your belongings to your new home, you may find that you are left with several unwanted items. At this stage, you will want to gradually dispose of these unnecessary objects before the big move in day.

The Toss: Declutter Fast & Easy moving app allows you to do just that. By providing you with daily reminders, this tool makes the process of decluttering your home more manageable, spreading the tasks out over several short and sharp bursts each day. Not to mention saving you money on removals companies, who often charge for the quantity of stuff being transported.

App: AroundMe

Developer: Flying Code

In the days leading up to your move in date, it’s a good idea to scout out the local area and check for any local facilities that may come in useful. You never know when you might need to visit the local supermarket or petrol station.

By collating a comprehensive list based on your current location, the AroundMe moving app will make you aware of all the nearest businesses and amenities. By separating them into categories, it makes the process of finding each facility quick and easy.

App: Sortly

Developer: Sortly Inc

Now that you’ve moved into your new home, its time to begin unpacking all your items. It is vital that you take an inventory at this point, to ensure that all your belongings are accounted for.

Sortly is a great tool for this task.  As a comprehensive piece of management software, it allows you to input a wide variety of different items and allocate their quantity, value and location for reference. You can also upload a maximum of eight photos per item, making it easy to visually browse the application for specific items. It’s also great for general home security and insurance purposes – providing you with a reliable and complete source of information, should you renew or review your coverage.

Moving Apps

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