Autumn Maintenance at Home

Autumn Maintenance

As we enter the autumn months, it becomes a good time for us to make sure our homes are at their best standard. We don’t want them to have any faults that could get any worse during winter, as these may be harder to fix in the harsh weather conditions. Without further ado, here are some tips for autumn maintenance:

Clean Out Your Gutters

Gutters are a crucial part of your home’s wellbeing, as they capture everything that lands on your roof and filters it out. However, over time they can become clogged with debris, so it’s good to clean them out, particularly as part of your home autumn maintenance as we see an increase in rainfall and fallen leaves.

Another good reason to take the time to clean out your gutters is that by going up on a ladder to clean them means that you’ll be up high enough to examine your roof at the same time and check that it is in good quality. If it isn’t, you can arrange for an expert to come and take a closer inspection of it, as well as repair it if need be.

Warmer House, Lower Energy Bill Costs

As it becomes colder outside, you will find yourself wanting to return to a warm house at the end of your day, or if you work from home, you’ll particularly be wanting a heated property. However, continually turning your heating up isn’t good for your energy bills, so you might want to consider some alternatives. As part of your autumn maintenance, you can check to see how well insulated your house is, but perhaps go further in adding insulating features by buying things such as thermal curtains, blankets and duvet covers. You can also keep doors around your home closed and look for ways to seal up any gaps between them and their frames, so that heat is properly retained in each room.

Boiler Checks

Because you’ll be wanting a warmer home during this time of the year, it is vital you check that your boiler is up to working all through autumn and winter. Hire a heating engineer to service your boiler, to see if it has any faults that require attention. This will leave you without hot water for an hour while they work, but that will be better than going without hot water for a few days, without knowing the cause.
There are also some things you can do for your boiler without the help of a professional. You can take some pressure off it by turning your heating up slowly, rather than switching it to the highest setting right away. This helps prevent the build up of debris that can cause the boiler to break down. Make sure to bleed your radiators too, so that any trapped air can be released so that heat can effectively spread out across the whole radiator. If the radiator is putting out heat effectively, you may find you won’t have to turn the temperature up as high as you otherwise might.

Seal Up Gaps

Walk around you home as if it’s new to you and carefully examine the place, inside and out. Take notice of any gaps around your windows or door frames. Depending on the size of these gaps, different things might be able to creep into your house. It might be something that seems minor at first, like a slight draft. Over time though, that draft could be reason you keep turning up your heating, raising your energy bills in the process.

Autumn Maintenance in the Garden

Raking leaves may seem like an obvious autumn maintenance chore, but it’s important for more than one reason. Raking your pathways not only makes them look nicer but prevents the potential slipping hazard that wet leaves can cause. Additionally, it is also a good idea to don a pair of gardening gloves and pick up piles of leaves to bag up by hand. This way, you may find small and at-risk animals like hedgehogs hidden away, and you will be able to move them to a safer location. By using your hands to sort through the leaves, you will be protecting any potential creatures in your garden from harm. The wildlife charity Tiggywinkles has some helpful advice on what to do if you should happen to find such creatures in your garden.


Although spiders very rarely cause any damage to a property, they are one of the most unwanted creatures in a home and are more likely to try coming inside during autumn, as it becomes wetter outside. It is an old wives’ tale that placing conkers by your windows will prevent spiders from coming in, as they have a negative reaction to them. While placing a bowl of conkers on a window ledge may give your home a nice autumnal aesthetic, there is no scientific evidence to suggest that this works. More effective ways of repelling spiders are by using citrus scented cleaners on surfaces, which spiders dislike the smell of. Additionally, creating a mix of white vinegar and water that you can put in a spray bottle and spray into cracks around your home where they may like to appear, as the vinegar repels spiders. 


With the multi-coloured leaves falling from the trees, autumn is considered by many to be the prettiest time of the year. Hopefully by following these autumn maintenance tips, you can make your home a pretty (and cosy) place too.

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