How to Get the Most Out of Your Property Survey?

Getting the Most Out of Your Property Survey

Buying or Selling Property is a highly complicated process and includes many daunting tasks. One of which involves the task of requesting a property survey to highlight any potential repairs, provide an accurate and reliable valuation, and generally ensure that you are making a safe a reliable purchase.

However, if you are unfamiliar with Property Surveying or simply a first-time buyer, you may be unfamiliar with how to get the most out of your RICS property survey. That is why the team here at White Horse Surveyors have put together the following article with three essential tips…

Outline Any Areas of Concern

If you have any specific worries or requirements prior to your move, it is essential that you make the surveyor aware of these concerns beforehand.  This way the Surveyor will be able to take particular care and attention to the item in question and offer specialist advice on this element of the property. Both in the report and during their post-survey call. 

Using the Property Survey Negotiating Tool

If the report does end up highlighting any serious defect or areas for concern, you can cite this to the seller. If the problems identified end up costing you more in the long run, the Seller is more likely to accept a lower offer to account for any necessary repairs. Especially given the assessment has been made by a reputable expert in the field.

Make Sure That the Surveyor Is Regulated

When requesting a property report it is essential that you take the time to properly research the surveyor. One of the keys aspects to check is whether they have been fully regulated by the Royal Institute of Chartered Surveyors – an international governing body that sets out the standard procedures for the industry.

More specifically, a RICS accreditation means that the Surveyor has demonstrated that they can deliver high standards of service, as well as demonstrating values of decency and accountability.  

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