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Posted on January 12, 2017 Categories: Moving Home, Selling Your House

‘Staging’ or preparing your home for viewers involves the creation of great first impressions – it is hugely important as it can add value to your home as well as ensuring that it is sold faster.

Preparing your home for viewings, we’ve put together a few pointers that could help:

Keep it minimal.

  • Remove any possessions, bulky furniture, or unnecessary clutter that you won’t be taking with you when you move – this will make your home look more spacious.
  • A fresh lick of neutral paint will make it easier for potential buyers to envisage how they would use the space – some buyers can be put off by tastes that are very different to their own, so try to go minimalist and avoid bright colours or too much quirky decoration.

Deep clean everything!

It’s surprising how many sellers don’t make sure that their house is in great condition before viewers come to see it. Don’t assume that potential buyers can look past all grime and clutter – help them to envisage how their new property could look!

  • Sort and tidy the entire property, including the garage, loft, and garden.
  • Clean everything until the house looks brand new – e.g. scrub at any grouting, get rid of limescale, hang up fresh towels etc.
  • Clean the outside of the house too – some buyers will be put off straight away if the property looks unattractive from the outside.

Get a survey and valuation.

They aren’t just for buyers – they can also help you in preparing your home to sell it.

  • Getting a survey will help you to identify any defects that could put buyers off so that you can get them fixed. Buyers will be impressed by sellers who have thought to address any problems, and will be grateful that they do not have to fix them when they move in.
  • You can get an independent valuation which will ensure that you are marketing the house at the correct price – you don’t want to put people off with an unreasonable price, but you also don’t want to accept less money than you could get.

Why the kitchen is important to viewers.

The kitchen is almost always the most valuable room in the house – so you need to make sure that it’s a selling point.

  • Give your kitchen a cheap upgrade by refacing your cabinetry if it’s needed.
  • If your kitchen is dated, you should think about installing new counter tops and upgrading your white goods – although it’s expensive, it could be worth it if it increases the value of the house substantially.
  • Baking bread or brewing fresh coffee on viewing days is an old trick but it works – nice smells will often help the property to seem more attractive.

Anything else you can do for preparing your home for viewers?

What would you appreciate if you were looking round a house?

  • If it’s a cold day, you should make sure the heating is on or you could light a fire.
  • Having homely items such as fresh flowers or fruit on display will make rooms look more attractive and will smell nice.
  • If you have pets, make sure you clean up after them or, preferably, get them out of the way entirely while viewers are there

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