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As many experts will agree, getting an independent property survey from a qualified surveyor brings with it many advantages. It ensures that you are making an informed purchase, it highlights the need for repairs and provides an accurate and reliable value for your property. All of which can significantly reduce future expenditure, highlight potential risks to your home and bring you composure and confidence during the decision-making process. For that reason, we here at White Horse Surveyors can provide our customers with the following in expert property surveys and valuations:

Remote Valuations

With no physical inspection required, this method is completed from the surveyors desk and is the fastest way to obtain an independent value for your home. Read more here.

Private Valuations

Conducted via a physical inspection, these property surveys provide an independent assessment on the market value of a home. Read more here.

Home Survey – Level 2

Provides the purchaser with further details on the condition of the home, highlighting any issues or defects (can also include an open-market valuation). Read more here.

Home Survey – Level 3

Includes a highly detailed inspection that will comment on the structure and composition of the building, as well as any potential concerns or defects. Read more here.

Additional Optional Extra’s on Surveys

In addition to our standard services, White Horse Surveyors also offer several additional optional extras with our surveys. Read more here.

Local to you

We have a vast network of RICS and VRS accredited property surveyors working from their home postcodes across England, Scotland and Wales, meaning that our property experts are not only equipped with vast knowledge and awareness of the regional area, but they are also local to you.

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