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Most experts agree that getting an independent property survey from a qualified surveyor will ensure that you are making an informed decision on the purchase. As it is one of the most important and significant purchases you will ever make, choosing the right property at the right price is of the utmost importance to you, the prospective homeowner. 

Purchasing property is a huge investment, and it does not make sense to risk such a large amount of money on a home that you are not 100% certain about. At a fraction of the purchase cost, a professional surveyor will act on your behalf to assess the condition and value of the property. 

This is unlike a Mortgage Valuation which is conducted on behalf of the Bank or Building society to determine if the property isa suitable security for the mortgage advance.

By providing a reliable valuation of the home and/or highlighting the need for repairs, a property survey can provide a degree of confidence during the Home Buying process. Giving you peace of mind.

Private Valuation

Completed via a physical inspection, these reports not only provide an independent assessment on the current value of the property but also an effective tool from which to renegotiate the asking price. 

When providing these valuations, our surveyors will consider the age, size, and condition of the home (as well as several other factors) before comparing these to similar properties that have sold in the local area. Because of this, our Private Valuations are suitable for a wide range of purposes including:

  • Help to Buy – For homeowners looking to redeem their Help to Buy equity loan. Learn more here.
  • Shared Equity – For anyone looking to sell or ‘staircase’ (buy more shares in) their shared ownership property. Learn more here.
  • Probate IHT – A requirement of the probate process to value the assets of the deceased’s estate. Learn more here.
  • Reinstatement Costs – Outlines the full costs involved in rebuilding your property in the event of major loss due to an insured peril such as fire, flood, impact damage, escape of water, etc. Learn more here.
  • Secured Lending – May be required if your lender asks you to find a valuer when your property will be security for a loan. Learn more here.
  • Capital Gains – Required whenever a residential asset is being sold or disposed of and can be retrospective where a ‘base date’ is required for the calculation. Learn more here.

And Much More…

Desktop Extensions

In recent years, delays during the exchange process have become common place. These hold-ups can often lead to a valuation (Help to Buy and Shared Ownership) exceeding its 3-month period of validity. After this point you will be required to extend the valuation to account for any changes that may have taken place in the property market.

At a reduced price, our Desktop Valuations can extend a valuation for an additional 3-month period – without the need for a physical inspection.
For the full details, visit our dedicated page here.

Remote Valuation

As our latest service, Remote Valuations represent the fastest way to obtain an independent valuation of a residential home. This is because no physical inspection of the property is necessary at any stage of the process.

Instead, our surveyors use a combination of comparable properties (that have sold in the local area) and information available via a range of commercial/government funded websites to provide an indication of the market value – adjusting for any differences in age/size/type/condition etc of the comparable properties. Avoiding the hassle or inconvenience typically associated with a physical inspection.

For more information on which properties are suitable for this form of valuation, simply visit out dedicated service page here.

RICS Home Survey Standard – Level 2 (Survey Only)

A Home Survey Standard Level 2 refers to a detailed inspection that will provide the prospective purchaser with many important details on the condition of the property – identifying any potential defects or issues that should be raised with a legal advisor.

As a non-invasive inspection, the surveyor will consider the interior and exterior of the property and allocate any areas of concern with a condition rating. This traffic-light based system includes the following three ratings:

This information is presented alongside details on the general construction, as well as any other potential risks or serious defects that should be considered. All of which is presented a straightforward and digestible assessment.

For the full details, visit our dedicated page here.

RICS Home Survey Standard – Level 3 (Survey Only)

This report represents the most detailed appraisal available to homeowners. By commenting on the structure and composition of the building, as well as any potential concerns or defects, they aim to provide a more detailed inspection of the property. 

Despite being non-invasive, these reports also represent our most bespoke product that can be adapted to suit your personal needs or requirements.

For the full details, visit our dedicated page here.

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