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Home Condition Report

Home Condition Report

First introduced in 2011, the RICS Home Condition Report provides a general overview on a property, identifying any potential defects or issues by making use of a condition rating system.

More specifically, this approach is based on a traffic-light method of evaluation and features a series of three condition categories:


  • Condition Rating 1 (routine maintenance only – no immediate repairs are required)
  • Condition Rating 2 (non-critical repairs are required)
  • Condition Rating 3 (critical repairs are required).


Home Condition Reports are most suitable for modern and conventionally constructed homes that have been well-maintained. It’s relatively inexpensive price, also makes it the best option for anyone who requires all the essential information but is limited by their finances.

In addition to being one of the most affordable products we offer, this service also provides a straightforward and digestible assessment on the overall condition of the property. Much like the HomeBuyers Report, it features details on the general construction, as well as any potential risks or serious defects that should also be considered. Using these essential elements, the recipient of a condition report will be able to make a quick and informed decision regarding the safety of their investment.

However, it should also be noted that, the report does not include information on the estimated cost of repairs for any identified defects or damages. Furthermore, this survey does not comprise an independent, open-market valuation or any photographs of issues that the surveyor identifies. If you require a more comprehensive inspection, then you may find that our comprehensive RICS HomeBuyers Reports are more suitable for your needs.

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