RICS Home Survey Standard – Level 2 (Survey Only)

The RICS (Royal Institution of Chartered Surveyors) Level 2 Survey is suitable for a range of well-maintained properties, including any conventional homes, flats or bungalows that have been constructed from common building materials.

This level of report will highlight any issues or defects that should be raised with a legal advisor. As well as some advice on any necessary repairs.

Despite being a predominantly visual report and non-invasive – any basements, roof spaces or cellars will also be included in the Surveyors assessment but only if it is safe for them to do so.

Level 2 Home Survey Inspections

These inspections are carried out on both the interior and exterior elements of the property and comment on any structural concerns that will require further attention. This Includes:

  • Roof Inspection (paying particular attention to any potential damage or decay) from ground level, with binoculars
  • Exposed surfaces and floors (unfixed hatches/panels or floorboards)
  • Any accessible chambers (visual inspection only)
  • Windows (one per elevation & one of each different type)

The surveyor will also consider any obvious cases of damp, subsidence, or rot. The report will apply ‘condition ratings’ to the parts of the building:

A level 2 survey will not include an EPC certificate, we are not qualified to prepare these, they will however, contain a review of the existing certificate and major differences will be highlighted.

The reports will also contain five photographs and we aim to have the report completed five working days following the date of inspection having taken place.

EWS1 Guidance

Where residential apartment buildings are clad or have potentially combustible attachments appropriate documentary evidence in the form of an EWS1 is required confirming the status of fire risk, if any. We recommend your legal advisor requests a completed EWS1 from the Managing Agents/Landlords of the block within which the subject flat is situated.

You should be aware that where an acceptable EWS1 is not forthcoming then you should not proceed to purchase. At the current time it is unlikely that properties in residential apartment blocks with cladding will be mortgageable without a satisfactory EWS1.

Additional Valuation for Home Survey

Our Level Two Surveys can also include a reliable assessment on the property’s estimated market value. Much like the standard survey, this information will assist the buyer in making a confident and informed decision, based on the knowledge of a local expert. Furthermore, by citing this appraisal a buyer can potentially reduce the current asking price of the property and guarantee that they are not being overcharged or misled.  If a valuation is requested, a reinstatement (rebuilding) cost will also be calculated.

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