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HomeBuyer Reports

Homebuyer Reports

Standard HomeBuyer Reports

Our RICS (Royal Institution of Chartered Surveyors) HomeBuyer reports are suitable for a range of well-maintained properties, including any conventional homes, flats or bungalows that have been constructed from common building materials. The review will provide any prospective purchaser with detailed information on the condition of the home, highlighting any issues or defects that should be raised with a legal advisor.

These non-invasive inspections are carried out on both the interior and exterior elements of the property and comment on any structural concerns that will require further attention. For instance, the surveyor will consider any obvious cases of damp, subsidence or rot and allocate it with a condition rating. This colour-coded, traffic light system has three distinct variants that are as follows:

Condition Rating 1 – Routine maintenance only

Condition Rating 2 – Non-critical repairs required

Condition Rating 3 – Critical repairs required

By obtaining this information from an accredited professional, you will have a far greater capacity to renegotiate the property’s true value with the seller. Not to mention the possibility that the surveyor’s report highlights several critical issues that deters you from the purchase entirely.

Our HomeBuyer Reports contain five photographs and we aim to have the document completed within five working days of the inspection taking place.

Additional Valuations

As well as providing these detailed condition reports, our HomeBuyer services can also include a reliable assessment on the property’s estimated market value. Much like the standard survey, this information will assist the buyer in making a confident and informed decision, based on the knowledge of a local expert. What’s more, by citing this appraisal a buyer can potentially reduce the current asking price of the property and guarantee that they are not being overcharged or misled.

If you would like your HomeBuyer’s quotation to include a valuation assessment, please contact our dedicated and helpful sales teams by telephone on 01249 569010 or by email via sales@whitehorsesurveyors.co.uk.

ZoomLocal Reports

The homebuying process is often regarded as one of the most significant investments a person will ever make. With so much to remember, it is sometimes easy to forget the multitude of risks associated with moving to a new neighbourhood. If you end up relocating to a new area before taking the time to research what it is like to live there, you may end up regretting it for years to come.

But collating this kind of data is a massive task, and it can take many hours of work to ensure all the relevant information have been covered. Not even a conveyancer’s search will include material on the local neighbourhood and those that live there. That’s why we’ve partnered up with the ZoomLocal team. Their comprehensive neighbourhood reports are designed to eradicate some of the major risks associated with moving to a new area.

By collating information from over 80 sources, these expansive 50+ page reports will tell you EVERYTHING there is to know about your new neighbourhood for £8.00! That’s over 50% less than the standard RRP.

To learn more about this essential moving resource, click here.

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