Scottish Home Report

The Scottish ‘Single Survey’ is the report needed if you are to sell your home. This report is to help property buyers ensure they are fully informed before making one of the biggest decisions in their life time.

What does this survey cover? Firstly, a Home Report is carried out by a RICS surveyor and will report on the property in all areas, giving the buyer an all-round overview of any defects and general condition as well as a RICS valuation based on the current market value. The inspection will cover the age and construction, the type of property, the local neighbourhood and will detail where repairs are needed, giving the buyer a great overview before purchase.

The surveyor will outline the accessibility of the property as well as wheel chair and car parking access which is detailed within 25-metres of the front door.

Following the single survey, the surveyor will provide a summary in a listed format, which should point out urgent factors for the buyer to take note of. If there are concerns raised about defects, it is strongly recommended that the buyer seek advice on repairs, to assess what impact this cost may have on the overall purchase.

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