Scottish Home Report

Any property being sold in Scotland must be accompanied by a Home Report, with a copy available for prospective buyers, before being made available on the market. This package of three documents provides the homebuyer with all the essential information they will require, regarding the home.

This Scottish Home Report is only made accessible on the customer’s request and must contain the following three pieces of documentation – the property questionnaire, the single survey and the energy report.

Single Survey

This initial section of the report is completed by a RICS (Royal Institute of Chartered Surveyors) regulated surveyor and contains a detailed inspection of the property’s value, condition and disabled accessibility. This valuation will also include an assessment of any necessary repairs or maintenance, as well as the estimated costs. These repairs will also be allocated one of three condition categories – Condition Rating 1: Routine maintenance only (no immediate repairs required), Condition Rating 2: Non-critical repairs required and/or Condition Rating 3: Critical repairs required.

Property Questionnaire

This portion of the report is intended to provide additional information on the property and is completed by the seller, for the benefit of the buyer. More specifically, this section will include details of cost overviews, Council Tax categories, any modifications made to the property (including extensions), any existing damages that have potentially impacted the home, and any professional works or additional material that will be of use.

Energy Report

This final component, like the single survey, is also completed by a surveyor and will provide an examination of the property’s environmentalism and energy effectiveness. This information will be included in an EPC, or Energy Performance Certificate, and will detail the approximate costs involved in running the property as well as the ways in which buyers can improve their energy efficiency.

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